About Us


  It is our commitment to maintain excellent standards of care under the Early Years Act 2014. We comply with all licensing and government      regulations, and annual inspections as set out by:

  • Ministry of Education, Licensing and Compliance Division
  • Peterborough City and County Health Unit
  • Ontario Fire Code Regulations
  • Canadian Playground Safety Standards
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

 Hours of Operation:

  Our child care centre is open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm throughout the year. We are closed the week between Christmas and the New Year. Please see our parent manual link for more information on closure dates.

Program Statement:

     The Strath-MacLean offers an emergent curriculum for all children’s individual learning styles and interests, based on the foundational guidelines and policy framework of ‘How Does Learning Happen?’ (Early Years Act 2014, subsection 55 (3). The curriculum (the content of learning) and the pedagogy (how does learning happen) are shaped by our views of children as being capable and competent learners. The roles of the Educator, families and classroom environment are critical in supporting children’s learning, development and overall well-being.

    We Believe:

    1. That childhood is a time of play; and that through play children discover the excitement of learning and the rewards of achievement. They acquire important life skills and begin to experiment with their role in society.
    1. That planned and spontaneous daily activities /experiences, allow children to explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems, and offer a variety of social opportunities.
    1. It is our responsibility to build each child’s foundation of inner strength (self control), self confidence (initiative) and how to develop meaningful relationships (attachment). We coach children to understand the importance of sharing, caring, respect and empathy.
    1. The curriculum should be in constant revision, to reflect on the children’s developmental abilities, individual similarities and differences, and the spontaneity of the children’s ideas and interests.
    1. Parents and child care staff must share a trusting partnership. Ongoing information and knowledge must be shared to ensure consistency between home and child care. It is very beneficial when parents are involved in their child’s developmental progress, interests, goals and achievements.
    1. The classroom must be stimulating, and always evolving. Multiple learning areas within the classroom allow children to experience small and large group play, and to also choose what interests them. Keeping neat, tidy and organized space models respect and care for our environment, but also ensures an uncluttered space for exploration and imagination. The classroom must reflect that children are using the space to learn, experiment, be engaged, but most importantly have a sense of belonging.
    1. Early Childhood Educators must be patient, kind, responsive and caring. As teachers of young learners, they must be eager life long learners too.

     The direction of the curriculum is both child and teacher directed. Through daily observation and reflective practice, teachers guide children’s activities to support all domains of development, initiate roots of empathy, and build strong coping mechanisms in preparation for full day school-based learning. The curriculum is planned to offer both child and teacher directed activities and experiences.

     Our emerging curriculum encompasses a reflective and pedagogical approach, where adults and children work together to create experiences that motivate learning. Using the foundational guidelines in ‘How Does Learning Happen?’, Educators provide conditions that ensure a child’s sense of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression. Opportunities for Educators to reflect on what is occurring, what could naturally happen next, and to collaborate their ideas are vital to curriculum development and ensure meaningful learning for both children and adults. Educators use daily observation to evaluate and guide children's learning and development.

     Positive, caring and trusting relationships are at the centre of every person’s healthy social-emotional foundation. Each child’s family brings value when sharing, caring and participating in their child’s activity and progress. We offer opportunities for families to participate in their child’s play and work, and to also have a voice about what is important to them and the lives of their children.

Meals for Children:

  All meals and baked goods are prepared on site by our Dietary Manager. Weekly Menu's are planned to meet the daily requirements as set out by Canada’s Food Guide. Whole grain breads, fresh fruit and vegetables are served daily. We work cooperatively with parents to ensure children’s allergies and food restrictions are monitored closely and alternate options can be discussed.

 We are a nut-safe child care centre. There are children in our program who have life threatening allergies to peanuts and/or tree nuts. Any food brought into the Centre by parents, must be reviewed by our Dietician prior to being served to the children.     

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