Overview of Child Care Programs

Prices Effective Sept. 1 2018

Nursery School (ages 2 – 4 years):                    

Nursery School is a morning only program, which runs Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 11:00 am. Licensed for a maximum group size of 16 children per day, the program only runs from September to June (no summer program). Nursery School is an opportunity for young children to experience social interaction in a warm and loving environment. We promote an emphasis on developing the children’s inner strengths (coping mechanisms) and kindergarten classroom readiness skills. Children who are toilet training are welcome. The daily schedule offers outdoor play, morning snack, creative craft, music, free choice play and cognitive circle time. Nursery School does not run on PA Days or School Closures. (No charge)

Daily Fee:   $ 19.00 per session (2 day minimum attendance required)                             
Toddler Program (ages 15 – 30 months):                              

 Toddler care is a balance of personal care and play, with loving and nurturing caregivers. Toddler needs lots of sensory experiences, exploration of materials, and opportunities to practice new and developing skills. The daily schedule will include: lunch and multiple small snacks, outdoor play time and use of strollers, small group and individual play, sleep time (up to 2 hours), and lots of time for hugs and cuddling!

Daily Fee:   $ 42.00  (2 day minimum attendance required)

Preschool (ages 2 – 4 years)                             

Our Preschool program offers fulltime and part-time care and is licensed for a group of 16 children. This program runs Monday to Friday all year round. Preschool care is offered on a full day basis, with a minimum attendance of 2 days per week. The curriculum is play-based, with a focus on independent life skills and emotional/social readiness for school. An attractive, colorful room with loving teachers, offers a lot of play and friendship building opportunities.

The daily schedule offers: lunch and 2 snacks, morning and afternoon outdoor play, 2 hour sleep/rest time, music, creative crafts, free choice play, language development, social training, toilet training, cognitive circle time.

Daily Fee:  $ 39.00 per day (2 day minimum attendance required)

Before School Care:

We offer Before School care to children ages 4 to 12 years. This program runs from September to June only and supports families who require child care in the hours before school begins (7:00 am – 8:15 am). This program focuses on preparing the children for a positive day at school!

Daily Rate:  $ 7.00 per day (2 day minimum attendance per week)


Junior & Senior Kindergarten Afterschool Care:

Licensed for 26 children daily, these programs offer care for children aged 4 and 6 years. Hours of care are from the end of the school day, up to 6:00 pm. After school care is offered from September to June every year. We provide an afternoon snack, outdoor playtime, and opportunities for children to engage in activities geared to their interests.

Daily Rate:  $ 15.50 per day (2 day minimum attendance per week)

School Age Afterschool Care:

Licensed for 2 groups of 30 children, aged 6 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years. These programs are for children in Grades 1 – 6. The hours of the program are from the end of the school day, up to 6:00 pm, and is offered from September to June every year. Afterschool care provides an afternoon snack and encourages physical activity. Children participate in daily activity that is geared to their interests, and may include baking, creative art, crafts, free choice activities, group games and sports.

Daily Rate:  $ 15.50 per day (2 day minimum attendance per week)


Before and After School Care

Daily Rate:  $ 22.50 per day (2 day minimum attendance per week)

Summer Camp for School Age Children:

Over the months of July and August, we offer 2 separate, full day camps for children 4 to 6 years of age and 7 to 12 years of age. The daily fee for camp includes all trips, trip admissions and available camp hours (8:00 am – 6:00 pm). We require a 2-day per week minimum attendance for any week of camp. The camp is available to any family requiring child care over the summer months. Each themed camp week offers: a trip from the Centre, crafts, sports, group games, outdoor adventures, water play, activities specific to the week theme, and lots of laughter! Meals are not included in the daily rate of care. Children are expected to bring their own lunch and snacks. Includes Trips and extended hours. No Meals Provided.

Daily Rate:  $ 39.00 per day (2 day minimum attendance per week)

Non-Instructional Full Day Care (March Break, PA Days, Etc.:

During the School year, September to June, we offer full time care for school-aged children. Families may need child care on PA days, over the March Break, or Easter Monday. Full day care is available, but spaces fill up fast! The curriculum offers outdoor play, indoor gym time, games, creative activities, with an emphasis on the children’s interests. Field trips or special themed days are often planned. All meals and snacks are included in these care days, and hours of care are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Daily Rate:    $ 39.00 per day (no minimum days required)

Additional Charges and Fees:

Registration Fee (per child)                     $50.00

Bank Charges (N.F.S Fee)                      $25.00

Temporary Summer Withdrawal             $150.00 per child

Statutory Holidays are invoiced



Summer Camp For School Age Childern