Our Staff

  Sarah - Cook/Custodian - Sarah was initially a parent who had her 3 daughters in our Afterschool programs. Now, as an employee who is trained in Safe Food Handling and with years of experience cooking for large groups, Sarah has become such a welcome part of our team! Sarah's focus is to plan and prepare healthy nutritious meals for children, while hiding as many vegetables as she can onto their plates!  
  Debi - Assistant Director - Debi is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who was hired in 2003, and has over 20 years of child care experience. Debi oversees the Centre's curriculum planning and various other administration duties. Debi loves to read, and uses her inspirational knowledge to motivate others. She is a busy Mom with son Ryan's extracurricular activities. She is a book of Awesome!

Emily - Toddler Teacher - Emily is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who is passionate about caring and educating young children. With immense patience and energy, Emily cares for 15 Toddler children through the day, and then heads home to be with her 2 young sons . Emily loves to experiment with new classroom environments, and is often cuddled up with the Toddlers reading stories.
    Carmen - Nursery School and Junior School Age Afterschool Educator. Carmen is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren. She has been working at Strath-MacLean since 1996, and takes a lot of pride in her work with children. There is no slowing Carmen down, she is energetic, always smiling, and loves the creative aspect of her work.
  Julie - Toddler Teacher - Is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with over 16 years experience working at Strath-MacLean. She is such a genuine and caring person, that children quickly feel comfortable with her. Julie loves that her 2 young sons come to Strath with her too! Those toddlers sure do get a lot of cuddles from Julie!  

Rebecca - Preschool - Hired in 2005, Rebecca is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and uses her training and natural talents to plan activities and design a classroom that encourages Preschool children to learn and feel at home. Rebecca is a Mom of 2 teenage girls, and is a life long fan of John Berry! 

  Brenda - Is a Early Childhood Education Apprentice, and a professional water colour Artist. With 20 years of child care experience and 2 children of her own, Brenda is a creative and resourceful teacher. She loves to explore nature with the children and usually finds bug specimens for the classroom. It’s Brenda’s laughter in the Preschool classroom that you are most likely to hear every day!
Susan - Director - Is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has been with Strath 13 years, and has over 30 years of child care experience. She prides herself on having close relationships with children, staff and parents. Sue is dedicated to high quality child care at Strath, lends her experience to other local child care centers and community groups, and has been a life long advocate for the health and safety of young children.

Wendy - Supply Teacher - Is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has been with Strath over 7 years. A former Kindergarten Teacher and Board of Directors member for the daycare, Wendy is positive, approachable and brings many of her 'tools of the trade' to our classrooms. We truly benefit from Wendy's years of experience. We admire Wendy and her husbands' dedication to their Christian missionary relief work, building schools and providing much needed assistance to communities in third world countries. So incredible!
  Melissa - JK Afterschool Teacher - Is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has worked in most of our programs, since being hired in 2010. Melissa enjoys having her daughter attend in the Toddler Room. Did you know that Melissa's favorite Disney character is Tinkerbell?  Melissa also supervises our Preschool Room while the children are sleeping.

Jenna - Senior Afterschool - Is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and is such a perfect fit for working with Denise and the older School Age children. Enthusiastic, full of energy and positivity, Jenna really understands the children she cares for. Jenna works hard to plan exciting activities for the children, especially while in Summer Camp! Jenna, you have a heart of gold!
Christine - SK Afterschool - Is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, hired in 2014. She team teaches with Janet Stevens, and loves the children that are in her care! Christine is a busy Mom with 3 children at home, and is fantastic at always being open to learning new things. You're a great teacher!
Denise - Senior Afterschool Educator / Toddler Relief - Denise originally was hired as a supply staff, and quickly became an important part of our team. She team teaches with Jenna, and together they provide an incredible amount of activities for the children. Pokémon club, cooking club, science club, March Break and Summer Camp planning – Denise and Jenna work hard to keep the children busy and excited! A Mom to 2 growing boys, Denise’s hobby is indoor hockey goalie.
Leila - Jr. Kindergarten Afterschool Educator - Leila was hired in 2014 to assist in our Preschool Room. She has moved to co-teach with Melissa in the Jr. Kindergarten Afterschool program. Leila is soft spoken, shy, and incredibly caring to the children in her care. She is learning new skills in curriculum development, and has the perfect co-worker to help her along. The children love Leila’s hugs!
Becky - Toddler Program - Becky is a registered Early Childhood Educator, employed with Strath in a contract position in the Toddler Room. Becky has settled in really well with the Toddlers, and enjoys offering new activities and experiences for them. A Mom of 2 growing girls, Becky enthusiastically cheerleads her girls’ kick boxing sports. While at work, Becky is dedicated and clearly loves her job caring for the Toddlers.
Melissa - Nursery School and Jr. Afterschool Program - Melissa was hired in 2014, and is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She is also a loving Mom to 2 young boys. Melissa works with our children who have identified exceptionalities in the Nursery School program, and then teams up with Carmen to offer a fantastic Afterschool program to the Grade 1 and 2 children. What a great addition to our team!  


  Sarah - Supply Staff - Sarah was hired in 2015 to assist us when our regular staff are away. Sarah is a Mom of 2 young children, and has many years experience working with children of varying ages. As a supply staff, Sarah is friendly, approachable and works well with any team that she is scheduled in. Thanks so much Sarah!
Janet - Sr. Kindergarten Afterschool - Janet and her family have just emigrated from England, and Janet is continuing in her profession of early learning and care in licensed child care. Hired in 2015, Janet co-teaches with Christine to plan a curriculum for the Senior Kindergarten children. Janet is still learning her ‘Canadianisms’, while we are also learning her ‘Britishisms’. We have lost track of how many children have said the Janet ‘talks funny’.

  Madison - Toddler Afternoon Support - Madison attends Crestwood Secondary High School, and has an afterschool job assisting in the Toddler Room and keeping the Centre organized and clean. Madi attended Strath-MacLean at 3 years of age, and grew out of our programs. Now, her triplet siblings attend our Centre. Madi is such a warm, responsible and mature team member. The toddlers love her, and she loves them right back!

Our child care centre employs several supply staff that replace our regular staff for vacation, sick and absent days. These employees meet all the training, experience and pre-employment standards in order to be hired and maintain the high quality of care families have come to expect.